The individualised HCK-micronutrients

The HCK-micronutrient modular system is a proven Swiss concept, which combines modern scientific laboratory diagnostics and high-quality micro-nutrients.
The micronutrient requirement is determined by our specialist. There are several ways to do this. With the result, your personal micronutrient blend can be composed.

Why do I need a personal micronutrient blend?

Each person is unique. This also applies to his actual requirements of vitamins, trace elements, minerals, etc.. Therefore, you should only take individualised micro-nutrients and no standard products. The following factors are decisive:

  • Age, gender, weight
  • Eating habits
  • Luxury food
  • Environmental pollution
  • Stress level
  • Sports activities
  • Genetic predispositions
  • State of health
  • Medication
HCK Micronährstoffe

Benefits from HCK-micronutrients

The micronutrients, embedded through the HCK-process, are continuously released over hours. Unlike other supplements a certain work of digestion is necessary, like with fruit and vegetables, to release the micronutrients. This results in the following benefits:

✔ Ensures optimum shape of distribution in the body
✔ Delayed-release for hours (retard effect)
✔ Prevention of mutual disturb ratios of micronutrients among each other (antagonism)
✔ The carrier of the micronutrients is a dietary fibre (guar). This supports digestion.