The Igel-Apotheken in Röthenbach and in doc.lauf are more than just simple dispensaries for proprietary medicinal products. Many medical preparations, for example ointments, creams, powders, capsules and much more are prepared and dispensed by ourselves. High-quality nutritinal supplements complete the assortment.

Igel Apotheke Lauf

Since the foundation of the new medical centre doc.lauf in 2008, the Igel-Apotheke stands for quality and reliability regarding your health. Our highly trained staff works closely together with the physicians in the centre to achieve the maximum benefit for your well-being. You benefit not only as part of our ever-growing regular clientele, but also as an occasional guest in our house.
Only a few steps away from the pharmacy a spacious parking area is available. With your purchase, we will of course refund the parking fees incurred.

igel apotheke lauf

Igel Apotheke Röthenbach