Breast Pumps

As a new parent, you wish only the best for your baby. This is breast milk for the first months of life. For long breastfeeding and still remaining flexible in your daily and professional life, we provide you with high quality electric breast pumps, available for rent. The purchase of an own breast pump often does not pay for many parents. Therefore, you rent the Medela Symphony, a powerful double breast pump at a rate of € 2 per day (medical prescription possible). We also have the appropriate single and double breast pump set in stock for you.


Baby Scales

You want to know, whether your baby is growing and thriving properly? The best way to control this is by regular weighing. However, normal scales are often far too incorrect. Rent a precise Soehnle baby scales for a charge of € 15 for 4 weeks (each additional day € 0.40).