The modern world we live in, is becoming louder and more and more hectic. The professional and personal requirements are getting bigger and thus the phases of rest and relaxation shorter.

The results: stress, fatigue and sensory overload! We constantly run on adrenalin, so to speak.
Our body does not take this without a trace. Stress and noise cause so-called „free radicals“, that have a harmful effect on our body by attacking healthy cells. They can damage blood vessels and lead to circulatory problems in the inner ear. According to today’s state of knowledge, one suspects, that inner ear disorders, such as tinnitus or hearing loss, can be promoted through the interaction of these very same factors. Other risk factors include diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight. Hearing loss usually occurs suddenly and unexpectedly for the people affected.


Also, the range of symptoms is huge.

From slightly impaired hearing to complete deafness in one ear, anything is possible. Most of the time, also ringing in the ears, feeling of pressure, dizziness and a feeling of blocked ears occur. An acute hearing loss is always an urgency! Hence, the affected person has to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Once diagnosed, a therapy should begin promptly. Generally speaking: the faster and better the medical care, the greater the chances of recovery.

After the doctor’s immediate measures, we offer you in the Igel-Apotheken a wide range of options to additionally support the treatment. We supply agents for better blood flow of the inner ear to balanced diets with additional free radical scavengers. The Igel-Apotheken have been successfully working together with the ENT practice Dr. Palm for a long time.

We will be happy to answer all your questions concerning this disease and further treatment options.